Lola LeSoleil

The Lady of Leg-itude



new 2017 class series!


Burlesque Magic for Beginners - Intrigued by burlesque, but not sure where to start? Ready to build confidence or incorporate graceful techniques for everyday life? This is your first step! Burlesque Magic for Beginners will introduce you the essentials of the Art of the Tease while you learn about the legendary dancers of the Golden Age of Burlesque. Lola LeSoleil will encourage you to discover your inner teaser with techniques including walking with poise and confidence (and a bit of cheek), sultry eye contact, and the saucy bump and grind. There will even be flirty fun with burlesque props including fans, boas and gloves.
Get ready to feel fabulous!

Six-week series starts March 18!



Lola LeSoleil studied various forms of music, theater, and dance prior to burlesque, including a degree in music production from Georgia State University. She graduated from Syrens of the South's ABCs and 123s of Burlesque in 2010 and continues to expand her knowledge of movement, costuming and creative arts wherever possible. Having a foundation built by experiences with many instructors allows for expanded creativity in any direction.

Since 2013 as an instructor at the Atlanta School of Burlesque she's taken great delight in helping students harness the power of their inner ecdysiast and promote the Art of the Tease.


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