Lola LeSoleil

The Lady of Leg-itude

Thank you for being part of "Fan Glam with Lola LeSoleil"! Below are links to resources and videos mentioned in class.

Lola LeSoleil's printable resource page (updated links below)


Fancy Feather - Exceptional customer service and a wonderful range of all things feather...peacock eye fringe, feather balls, turkey feathers, custom dying. Seriously. They're great!

Flo Foxworthy (New Zealand) Sumptuous custom costumes, feather fans, kits and video instructions

W.W. Swalef & Son - Wholesale feathers of all kinds 

Moonlight Feather - source for craft and bulk feathers, dyes, and more. There's even have a helpful video about different types of ostrich feathers!

Custom fan sellers

Sadie Hawkins...she makes vegan fans, too!

Donna Touch aluminum fan staves and tutorial


Artistry, humor, creativity - one of my favorite inspirations, Miss Indigo Blue's Triple Fan Dance


BurlyCon 2012 Guinness World Record: World’s Largest Fan Dance: 252 participants!

Participants pictured from left:
Bunny Wigglebottom, Lola LeSoleil, Rena LaMarr, Siren Santina

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