Lola LeSoleil

The Lady of Leg-itude

Hello, Darlings.

Lola LeSoleil in Sadie Hawkins presents Last Pasties Standing: Motown Showdown Photo Credit, Stungun Photography

I can still see the dancers of Bally’s Jubilee floorshow in Las Vegas effortlessly slinking down the staircase, glittering from head to toe like living starlight. All I could think was - can I purchase one of those 30 lb chandelier headdresses in the theater's gift shop?

Ten years later, Lola LeSoleil enrolled in burlesque classes in Atlanta and graduated in a cloud of pink feathers, white satin, and applause.  Since then she’s launched crowds to their feet from coast to coast with an award-winning repertoire ranging from reverential to ridiculous. 

Lola LeSoleil lives to challenge her own creativity and her voluptuous hip pocket are 20+years of dance and performance and a degree in music production from Georgia State University, which, when combined with her unique DIY approach to costuming, craft her art to life.

She is an advocate of continued learning and takes inspiration from the ecdysiast legends from whom she’s learned including Toni Elling, Bic Carroll, Wild Cherry, Jean Idelle and contemporary artists Perle NoireDirty Martini, and Miss Indigo Blue to name a few.

Lola LeSoleil is an instructor at the Atlanta School of Burlesque and is a member of The Candybox Revue, Museé du Coeur and Mayhem Femmes. 

She may also be found combing thrift stores…still in search of a 30lb chandelier headdress.








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